Terrence the Teacher

See it, Believe it,
Achieve it
T The Teacher

All of us have personal goals – yours might be to sleep better, reach a certain weight, de-stress, reduce anxiety or to be more self-accepting – whatever your goal is I can help you to achieve it.

I believe that when people ask for help and guidance what they really need is someone who believes in them. With that belief and support, that person can go on to accomplish many successes. I use a combination of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and take a fresh approach to each client. My goal is always to be a support to my clients and through teaching life skills, I empower them to achieve.

Everyone’s trip is unique – together we can find the best path to the clients’ destination.

My background began in the health and fitness industry. By working with people who were the very best in their field the teacher became the pupil and I learnt that the mind played as powerful a role as the body.

I went on to train in Neuro-Linguistics by NLP Founder, Dr Richard Bandler in 2001 – the same year I also became a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. These are the two main tools that I use to help my clients achieve their psychological and physiological goals. Through Pilates I was teaching my clients to reconnect physically and now through NLP and Hypnosis I am teaching them to reconnect mentally. Ultimately I want to help people – it’s why I believe I was put onto this earth. And something that drives me every day.

Everyone’s trip is unique – together we can find the best path to the clients’ destination. Nothing is right or wrong and I don’t strive for perfection.

I tell all my clients that ‘the Reward is in the Trip’, because it’s what I truly believe.

“Terrence has had a strong impact on me. His way to make you work, his way to understand and listen to his clients, to people in general, warms you, carries you; Terrence for me represents the ideal Teacher.”

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